Hi there. I'm Rayna. Book devourer, hopeless daydreamer, and occasionally I write stuff. Welcome to my world.

Rayna Reveur's name means the dreamer queen, and she feels that at least half of it is accurate. Which half depends entirely on what mood she's in. She may or may not have a flair for the dramatic, a side effect of being a writer.

She grew up in New York, and is now living mostly in Storyland (where she has a villa right next to the Plains of Procrastination, on the banks of the River Tangents), with occasional visits to Saint Louis, home of the legendary Gooey Butter Cake. 

Her favorite non-bookish things in the real world are cats, cheese, coffee, and chocolate. (Not necessarily in that order.) Her favorite pastime is a tie between burrowing in a pile of blankets, nursing a mug of hot chocolate, and reading. She has yet to find a way to do all three simultaneously without dirtying her books, bed, or blankets, but that doesn't keep her from trying. 

Her first love is reading, and she considers herself a serious, unofficial book nerd. Mainly because becoming an official one seems like a lot of work, and that time would be better spent reading. Or nerding. Her favorite genres are YA, fairy tales, fantasy, and crazy, magical, over the top adventures that make you question everything you've ever known and believe in the fantastic. Those also happen to be the kind of books she writes. This can be seen as evidence that story osmosis is a legitimate phenomenon. 

She can generally be found with her nose in a book, her head in the clouds, and her hand in a box of truffles no matter what world she's in.

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